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May. 24, 2019

Veterans from Wounded Warrior Project participate in BBCF's annual golf tournament

Veterans from Wounded Warrior Project participate in BBCF's annual golf tournament

The Swing 4 Scholarships Golf Tournament is the Balfour Beatty Communities Foundation’s primary fundraiser of the year that goes toward the Foundation’s annual scholarship program for residents. The event this year was hosted on May 21.

For the past few events, sponsor K2 Construction Consultants has asked the Foundation to find local veterans in the area where the tournament is hosted and invite them to participate on the Company’s behalf. This year, four veterans who are a part of the Wounded Warrior Project joined us at Blackwolf Run Golf Course in Kohler, WI.

AJ McKinney was a Noncommissioned Officer in the Army and served as an infantryman and recruiter. He has been with WWP since September 2018 and during that time he has been extremely involved and an active member in his area. AJ is on the list for consideration of a Warrior Leader, a trained volunteer position where he will conduct and lead various events in and around his community.

Fred Lux served in the Navy as a torpedoman and an advance undersea MK-46 maintenance weaponsman. When Fred left the Navy, he started his own non-profit organization, Veterans for Airsoft, that connects veterans and civilians in their community though a weekend of camping and playing various Airsoft tournament games. Fred has been with WWP since March 2018.

Claire Farron served in the Army as a junior enlisted soldier and today is one of the first female veteran race car drivers. Claire has been with WWP since May 2018.

Chris Metzler served in the Army and has been with WWP since November 2014. He is an avid and passionate golfer. Chris and AJ actually served in the Army together and AJ was Chris’s Sergeant.

Thank you AJ, Fred, Claire and Chris for joining us for this year’s tournament and for your service as active duty service members and as active members of the Wounded Warrior Project. We hope you had a great time!

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