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Apr. 26, 2019

Employee Spotlight: Edward Knapik

Employee Spotlight: Edward Knapik

We're spotlighting some of our BBC employees from around the country in recognition of NAA's RPM Careers Month! Continue reading to learn more about Ed, resident specialist. Employee: Edward Knapik

Location: Fairchild AFB Homes

Role: Resident Specialist

How many years did you serve in the military?  I served for 23 years in the military. 

Which branch were you a member of?  U.S. Air Force

What made you decide to continue your career in the military field after your time as an active duty service member?  After retiring from the Air Force and serving at Fairchild AFB for many years, this was a great opportunity to stay involved with the military and Fairchild AFB both which became my second home. Having been a former resident as well as formerly renting off base I see first-hand the many improvements and advantages of living here. Many of the changes are things only dreamed of by residents prior to Balfour Beatty Communities beginning operations!

How long have you worked for BBC? I have worked at Fairchild AFB Homes for more than 10 years. 

What do you enjoy most about your job and working with military families? I love seeing the excitement when a new resident sees the house we’ve offered them for the first time and transitions into making it their new home. The joy, especially of the children when they first walk (sometimes run!) into their new and explore it and their back yard. I also enjoy helping out with LifeWorks events and getting to see and serve our residents in a different way. It’s also rewarding when a family tells me at move out that they enjoyed living in their home. I can truly see how we’re making their lives better by providing superior homes and communities!

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