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Apr. 25, 2019

Employee Spotlight: Courtney Collier

Employee Spotlight: Courtney Collier

We're spotlighting some of our BBC employees from around the country in recognition of NAA's RPM Careers Month! Continue reading to learn more about Courtney, community manager.

Employee: Courtney Collier

Location: NCBC Gulfport Homes

Role: Community Manager

How long have you been working in property management? Why did you choose this field? I have been in Property Management for 17 years and with BBC for 15 years. This field actually chose me. I have a degree in graphic design and was working in that field in Oxford, MS after I graduated from the University of Mississippi. A friend of mine was in property management and was starting up a new student housing development. After many conversations she convinced me to come to work for her as her Assistant Manager and the rest is history.

What are some of your daily responsibilities?  My daily responsibilities consist of many things but for the most part it is managing the staff, maintaining the budget, making sure bills are paid, rent is received and work orders are getting done in a timely manner, developing working relationships with partners, vendors and commands, and most of all providing the best customer service to our residents.

Favorite part about working with residents daily?  My favorite part about working with my residents on a daily basis is the fact that in a small way I am giving back to the ones that sacrifice so much for our country.

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