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Apr. 24, 2019

Employee Spotlight: Janelle Pettengill

Employee Spotlight: Janelle Pettengill

We're spotlighting some of our BBC employees from around the country in recognition of NAA's RPM Careers Month! Continue reading to learn more about Janelle, resident specialist.

Employee: Janelle Pettengill

Location: NS Mayport Homes

Role: Resident Specialist

How long have you been working in property management? Why did you choose this field? I have been working in property management for about 8 years now. I chose this field because being a spouse of an active duty member for almost 30 years I know how stressful moving can be. I wanted to assist families and give them the top-notch customer service and make their new location move welcoming and efficient.

What are some of your daily responsibilities?  Some of my daily responsibilities are ensuring residents are satisfied and utilize team work with fellow co-workers to give them the perfect move in or move out experience.

How long have you worked for BBC?  I joined the company almost 4 years ago.

Favorite part about working with residents daily?  I empathize with the residents and truly make every effort to be positive and make their move stress free. My favorite part of my job is touching the family’s lives and giving them a lasting impression.

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