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Apr. 01, 2019

Employee Spotlight: Dolly Ihli

Employee Spotlight: Dolly Ihli

We're spotlighting some of our BBC employees from around the country– including military veterans and spouses– in recognition of NAA's RPM Careers Month! Continue reading to learn more about Dolly Ihli, community manager. 

Name: Dolly Ihli

Community: NS Mayport Homes

Role: Community Manager

Time in property management: 21 years

Why did I choose this industry? This industry chose me! I was asked by a broker acquaintance if I wanted to be her property manager, I said “yes” and have been doing this ever since.  But when I had an opportunity to work in military property management, I jumped at the chance to work with fellow veterans and military families because I knew I could relate to what they were going through and I knew that would be a job that would make my soul happy (Years later, I still love military property management).

Daily Responsibilities? I consider myself a dance choreographer and symphony director—coordinating operations between facilities and management, making sure that we all stay “in step” with our mission (the music) of supporting our military and their families. From moving in to moving out and all of the music and movements in between, we make every effort to assure that our families are supported.

Favorite part about working with residents? The look on the face of a SN who needs a home and we can help….the look on the face of a family that just PCS’d from Hawaii and needed a home to get out of living in a hotel for 3 weeks….being able to help our residents (even with challenging issues) ….the ability to help make people’s lives a little better every day is what makes me fall in love with my job daily.

How many years did you serve in the military? 10 years then I supported my husband who retired at 21 years

Which branch were you a member of? U.S. Navy

What made you decide to continue your career in the military field after your time as an active duty service member? As an active duty member, I lived in base housing for all of my career (both as an active member and a dependent) I was very excited about being able to be a part of the positive efforts to improve housing for our military members/families. Because I had dealt directly with the military run housing I knew this would be a huge improvement, which is why I’ve stayed with military housing 95% of my property management career.

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