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Apr. 09, 2018

Energy cost savings from rooftop solar at BBC Air Force properties enable community, home enhancements

Energy cost savings from rooftop solar at BBC Air Force properties enable community, home enhancements

Balfour Beatty Communities has been committed to developing a rooftop solar program across our military communities to help address rising and constantly fluctuating energy costs at these properties and help deliver a cleaner, more sustainable form or renewable energy. A recent look at program performance for 2017 at Sheppard AFB Homes, Tyndall AFB Homes and Travis Family Homes shows that solar is indeed having the desired impact, generating meaningful cost savings for the properties. These savings have allowed our teams to put into motion a variety of enhancements and upgrades to both community amenities and homes.

The solar program at Tyndall AFB homes has produced nearly $70k in savings since becoming fully operational in May 2017 and the system currently contributes more than 35 percent of the community’s total annual power needs. The Tyndall team has used the cost savings to completed roof upgrades and enhancements to the playground and community pool.

The rooftop solar at Sheppard AFB Homes has been operational since July 2016 and generated more than $30k in savings during 2017. The team was able to complete extensive roofing and HVAC upgrades with the money saved, as well as implement a variety of recreational enhancements for residents to enjoy.

Several community and home projects are currently in the planning stages at Travis AFB Homes for the nearly $57k in savings their rooftop solar program delivered in 2017.

“We are very proud of the rooftop solar program and our ability to help enable the delivery of clean, renewable energy to the military families we are trusted to serve,” said Ty McPhillips, regional project director of the Air Force portfolio for Balfour Beatty Communities. “Not only is this program supporting the energy initiatives outlined by the Department of Defense and Air Force, it is generating cost savings that are allowing us to make meaningful improvements to our military communities.”

Thirteen military communities throughout BBC’s Army, Navy and Air Force portfolios currently participate in the rooftop solar program. Total system capacity exceeds 40 megawatts. 

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