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Apr. 09, 2019

Employee Spotlight: Ann Heickley-Smith

Employee Spotlight: Ann Heickley-Smith

We're spotlighting some of our BBC employees from around the country– including military veterans and spouses– in recognition of NAA's RPM Careers Month! Continue reading to learn more about Ann Heickley-Smith, resident specialist.

Employee: Ann Heickley-Smith

Community: Minot AFB Homes

Role: Resident Specialist

How many years did you serve in the military?
Total of 4 years.

Which branch were you a member of?
U.S. Air Force

What made you decide to continue your career in the military field after your time as an active duty service member?
My husband still serves. I also love the military community—it’s familiar and comfortable to me.

How long have you worked for BBC?
Just started about a month ago and I love it!

What do you enjoy most about your job and working with military families?
I love being able to ease their minds and help them, during the stressful times of PCS’ing since I have experienced it before.

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