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Jun. 10, 2020

First neighborhood back online at Tyndall AFB Homes

First neighborhood back online at Tyndall AFB Homes

The restoration of Island View, a 37-home neighborhood, has recently been completed at Tyndall AFB Homes. This effort was completed by the Balfour Beatty Renovation & Construction team ahead of schedule, despite the challenging pandemic climate.

While COVID-19 has drastically changed the way people of all industries work and proceed in a "new normal", the Renovation & Construction team faced multiple layers of challenges that needed to be strategically reviewed and worked through to continue work on the community's restoration. The team was able to retain a steady workforce and implemented a variety of guidelines to keep workers safe and healthy throughout the project.

A special thank you and congratulations to the team for reaching this important milestone. As PSC restrictions are lifted and military members are resuming their moving plans, we're excited to be able to welcome more families back to Tyndall AFB Homes.

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