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Feb. 16, 2021

Balfour Beatty Communities Named 2020 Motili Carbon Reduction Champion

Balfour Beatty Communities Named 2020 Motili Carbon Reduction Champion

Balfour Beatty Communities, a national residential real estate investment and management company, today announced it has been named a 2020 Motili Carbon Reduction Champion for reducing its emissions through HVAC upgrades completed across its military housing portfolio in 2020. Balfour Beatty Communities replaced HVAC systems in more than 1,200 military housing units, improving system performance while driving energy savings and lower carbon emissions.

Last year Balfour Beatty Communities partnered with Motili to provide routine HVAC maintenance, repair and replacement work across the company’s military housing portfolio. HVAC systems in 94% of the 44,000 home portfolio were serviced, cleaned and maintained at regular intervals throughout the year. The HVAC replacements provide important operational efficiencies and are expected to reduce energy use by almost 25% and significantly cut the carbon emissions from each unit. The total carbon emission reduction per year equates to the weight of approximately 583 elephants.

“At Balfour Beatty Communities, we believe a rigorous preventive maintenance program is critical to delivering an exceptional experience to our residents, ensuring our homes are comfortable and HVAC systems operate effectively over the long-term,” said Rick Taylor, President Facility Operations, Renovation & Construction, Balfour Beatty Communities. “Working with Motili, we have been able to accelerate upgrades and, in the process, have substantially improved the sustainable performance of our HVAC units. We are committed to long-term sustainability and we are very pleased to be recognized as a Motili Carbon Reduction Champion.”

Motili leverages contractors, operations teams, and the industry’s most advanced Internet platform, to handle work requests from start to finish. Motili’s predictive analytics improves budgeting accuracy by predicting project equipment lifecycle, identifying reactive repair jobs before they happen.

“Working with Balfour Beatty Communities has been extremely gratifying this past year. Even during a global pandemic, Balfour did not miss a beat and worked on significantly reducing its HVAC-generated carbon footprint throughout 2020,” said Matthew Sallee, Vice President, Business Development, Motili. “We are happy to name Balfour Beatty a 2020 Motili Carbon Reduction Champion. We know 2021 will continue the positive momentum the company worked so diligently to achieve.”

Carbon emissions at residential, commercial and multi-family housing complexes across the country account for 12% of the total U.S. greenhouse gas (ghg) emissions. Tackling HVAC CO2 emissions is of primary importance to manufacturers as they continue to innovate toward achieving net zero HVAC solutions.

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